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So I'm writing this personal Fic, and Xazy did this for the first chapter of my stories. I was wondering....just because it was suggested that I post it on the animelyrics LJ community.

I need help. Serious help with translating

For those of you who can't get into my LJ entry here is what Xazy wrote:

End Chapter 1:
kaze ga yuusuru ken

And what I roughly translated it into:
"Wind's Sword"

I want the title to be for this chapter: Earth's Naginata

I think that most would see the "Earth" that I would use as chisuikafuukuu, but because I'm using Earth as in nature, and as a whole, I like daichi better. I got the translations here.... >_>

That said I would translate it like I did for my previous chapter as:

daichi no naginata

Or very loosely, like with "Wind's Sword", "Earth's Sword".

I would apriciate it if some one could write out the charaters too if they can....My computer fails at writing those.....and I really don't want to get into that......>_>
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