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[Lyrics Discussion] Sound Horizon - Ark

This one's a really tough one, and I could use some help -- if any of you can make more sense of it than I can, anyway.

「―――箱庭を騙る檻の中で 禁断の海馬に手を加えて
驕れる無能な創造神にでも 成った心算なの……」

'-- hakoniwa o kataru ori no naka de kindan no ashika [kikan] ni te o kuwaete
ogoreru munou na souzou [kami] ni demo natta shinsan [tsumori] na no'

'-- In the cage that pretends to be a miniature garden, they alter the forbidden organ
Did you think that you had become a proud, incompetent God?'[1]

(崩壊 其れは孕み続けた季節 二月の雪の日 『妹』の記憶)

(houkai sore wa haramitsudzuketa kisetsu nigatsu no yuki no hi "imouto" [Soror] no kioku [yume])

(Decay -- that is the season that continued to conceive; "Soror's" memory [dream] on a snowy February day) [2]

「我々を楽園へ導ける箱舟は 哀れなる魂を大地から解き放つ

'wareware o rakuen e michibikeru hakobune wa aware naru tamashii o daichi kara tokihanatsu
sukui o motomeru anata ni Ark o ataeyou'
Ark to yobareta mono [sore] wa gekkou o ukete gin'iro ni kirameita

'The ark that will lead us to Paradise will release our wretched souls from this earth
We give the Ark to you who are searching for salvation'
The thing called the Ark [that] glittered silver in the moonlight

想い出まで裏切った 冷たい言葉の雨
幸せだった二人 永遠に届かなくなる前に...

omoide made uragitta tsumetai kotoba no ame
shiawase datta futari towa ni todokanaku naru mae ni...

The rain of cold words betrayed even memories
Before the two that were happy fall out of reach forever...

「ねぇ何故変わってしまったの? あんなにも愛し合っていたのに...」
涙を微笑みに変え詰め寄る 《Arkと呼ばれた物》を握って...

'nee... naze kawatte shimatta no? anna ni mo aishiatte ita no ni'
namida o hohoemi ni kae tsumeyoru Ark to yobareta mono [knife] o nigitte

'Why did you change, even though we loved each other so much?'
Changing her tears into a smile, she drew closer, clutching the thing called the Ark [a knife]


-- aizou no hakobune [Ark]

-- The Ark of hate and love

(因果 其れは手操り寄せた糸 六月の雨の日 『兄』の記憶)

(inga sore wa taguriyoseta ito rokugatsu no ame no hi "ani" [Frater] no kioku [yume])

(Fate -- that is the thread that was wound up; "Frater's" memory [dream] on a rainy June day)


shinjite'ta sono hito ni uragirareta shoujo
nigekonda rakuen wa shinkou to iu kyouki
atarashii sekai e to habatakeru jikoanji
sumiwataru kakusei wa shinkou to iu kyouki

Betrayed by the person she believed in,
The Elysion she escaped to was the madness called faith
Hypnotizing herself allowed her to fly to another world
The clear awakening was the weapon called progress [3]

最期の瞬間に廻った 歪な愛の記憶
脆弱な精神が堪えきれず あの日嘘を吐いた...

saigo no shunkan [toki] ni megutta ibitsu na ai no kioku
zeijaku na seishin [KOKORO] ga taekirezu ano hi uso o tsuita...

The memory of twisted love that spun in the last moment
Her fragile heart could not bear it -- that day she told a lie...

律すれば律する程堕ちる 赦されぬ想いに灼かれながら
まぐわう傷は深く甘く 破滅へ誘う...

rissureba rissuru hodo ochiru yurusarenu omoi ni yakarenagara
maguwau kizu wa fukaku amaku hametsu e izanau

The harder she tries to regulate herself, the more she falls, while being burnt by unforgivable thoughts
The wounds of love are deep and sweet as they call her to destruction


-- haitoku no hakobune [Ark]

-- The immoral Ark

被験体#1096 通称『妹』同じく
被験体#1076 通称『兄』を殺害

"Hikensha #1096 tsuushou 'Imouto' [Soror] onajiku
hikensha #1076 tsuushou 'Ani' [Frater] o satsugai"

"Subject #1096, known as 'Soror'
killed subject #1076, known as 'Frater'." [4]


{Shuurei Bangou [Case Number] 12}
kajou touei-gata izon ni okeru fukurokouji no mokei [MODERU]
sunawachi {kyomou risoukei hakobune izon shoukougun} [Ark]

{Case Number 12}
This dead-end model shows excessive dependence on projection
Namely, {False Ideal-type Ark Dependence Syndrome} [Ark] [5]

限りなく同一に近づける 追憶は狂気にも似た幻想
求める儘に唇を奪い合い 少しずつ楽園を追われてゆく
同じ心的外傷重ねれば響き合う けれどそれ以上には...

kagirinaku douitsu ni chikadzukeru tsuioku wa kyouki ni mo nita gensou
motomeru mama ni kuchibiru o ubaiai sukoshizutsu rakuen o owarete yuku
onaji shintekigaishou [TORAUMA] kasanereba hibikiau keredo sore ijou ni wa...

They are able to draw closer to a perfect unity; their memories are an illusion resembling madness [6]
Submitting to desire, they steal kisses from one another; little by little, they are driven out of Elysion
If the same trauma is piled up, it will resonate, but more than that...

「―――箱庭を騙る檻の中で 禁断の海馬に手を加えて
驕れる無能な創造神にでも 成った心算なの?」か...

'-- hakoniwa o kataru ori no naka de kindan no ashika [kikan] ni te o kuwaete
ogoreru munou na souzou [kami] ni demo natta shinsan [tsumori] na no?' ka...

'-- In the cage that pretends to be a miniature garden, they alter the forbidden organ
Did you think that you had become a proud, incompetent God,' you say? [7]

在りし日に咲かせた花弁は 暗闇に散り逝くように凛と

arishi hi ni sakaseta hanabira kurayami ni chiriyuku you ni rin to
shoujo no kowairo de sasayaku "rakuen e kaerimashou"...

The petals that bloomed in days past are valiant as if being scattered into the darkness
In the girl's voice, he whispers "Let's return to Elysion..."


kanshikei [watcher] wa ten o aogi fukai tameiki o tsuku
ushinatta hazu no {hidarite no kusuriyubi} [basho] ga munashiku uzuita
-- futo kare ga kanshikagami [monitor] no mukou e shisen o modosu
aa... itsunomanika shoujo no haigo ni wa "kamen no otoko" ga tatte ita--

The watcher looks to the heavens and breathes a sigh
The left ring finger [place] that should have been lost aches in vain
-- Suddenly he returns his gaze to the other side of the monitor
Ah... before he knew it, the "man with the mask" was standing behind the girl --

[1] I... am really not sure what these two lines are actually saying. (I'm especially confused by the part where they're apparently tampering with a sea creature, but I somehow doubt anyone other than Revo can explain that one. Unless it's some kind of colloquial expression?)

[2] I don't know what's meant by "孕み続けた季節," or how to translate it, and I think I might have gotten the structure wrong.

[3] Is there any connection among these four lines? I'm not seeing any, but they're all fragment-y on their own.

[4] First of all, I wasn't really sure what to do with 同じく. Second, WWWJDIC gave "alias, nickname" fer 通称, but "alias" to me connotes a false name one chooses for oneself, rather than a name assigned to a test subject, while "nickname" is far too casual for the "official report" feeling of these lines. So I went with "codename" instead, but I'm not sure if 通称 can be translated that way at all, or if it's really any better than "alias."

[5] I just couldn't make sense of these lines. I hate long, uninterrupted strings of kanji.

[6] First of all, I'm not sure what to make of "限りなく同一に近づける." Second, I'm not sure who the subject of these three lines is supposed to be -- I'm kind of assuming it's more than one person because of the 奪い合い, but I'm not really sure.

[7] I wasn't sure how to translate the "ka" on the end there -- just adding a question mark didn't seem like enough, and "huh" didn't fit the tone, so I used "is it?" but I don't know if that really works.

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