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[Lyrics Discussion] Sound Horizon - ERU no Shouzou

Sorry to be bothering you all again, but I need all the help I can get with these things.

白い結晶の宝石は 風を纏って踊る
樹氷の円舞曲 遠く朽ちた楽園

shiroi kesshou no houseki wa kaze o matotte odoru
juhyou no enbukyoku tooku kuchita rakuen

The white crystal gem dances, clad in the wind
The waltz of frozen trees, the distant rotted Paradise

黒い瞳孔の少年は 風を掃って通る
樹氷の並木道 深い森の廃屋

kuroi doukou [me] no shounen wa kaze o hatte tooru
juhyou no namikimichi fukai mori no haioku

The black-eyed boy passes by, sweeping up the wind
The path lined by frozen trees, an abandoned house deep within the forest

少年が見つけた 少女の肖像画
『彼』は病的に白い 『彼女』に恋をしてしまった...

shounen ga mitsuketa shoujo no shouzouga
"kare" wa byouteki ni shiroi "kanojo" ni koi o shite shimatta

The boy found the girl's portrait
"He" fell in love with "her," the abnormally pale girl

幼い筆跡の署名 妙に歪な題名は

osanai hisseki no shomei [SAIN] myou ni ibitsu na daimei [TAITORU] wa
"saiai no musume ERISU no yattsu no tanjoubi ni..."

The signature in young handwriting, the strangely warped title was
"To my beloved daughter Elyse on her eighth birthday..."

退廃へと至る幻想 背徳を紡ぎ続ける恋物語
痛みを抱く為に生まれてくる 哀しみ

taihai [DEKADANSU] e to itaru gensou haitoku wo tsumugitsudzukeru koimonogatari [ROMANSU]
itami o daku tame ni umarete kuru kanashimi
daiyon no chiheisen -- sono rakuen no na wa "ELYSION"

An illusion that approaches decadence, a romance that continues to weave corruption
The sadness of being born to embrace pain
The fourth horizon -- that Paradise's name is "Elysion"


-- Soshite... ikudomeka no rakuen no tobira ga hirakareru...

-- And then... how many times was the door to Paradise opened?


yagate shounen wa kare no [ERU] o motomeru darou...
yagate shounen wa kare no [ERU] o mitsukeru darou...
yagate shounen wa kare no [ERU] o motomeru darou...
yagate shounen wa kare no [ERU] o mitsukeru darou...

Soon the boy will search for his ideal [El] [1]
Soon the boy will find his keyhole [El]
Soon the boy will search for his Paradise [El]
Soon the boy will find the girl [El]

娘もまた母になり 娘を産むのならば
楽園を失った原罪を 永遠に繰り返す・・・・・・

musume mo mata haha ni nari musume o umu no naraba
rakuen o ushinatta genzai [tsumi] o eien ni kurikaesu...

If a daughter becomes a mother and gives birth to a daughter of her own
She repeats forever the original sin which lost Paradise

始まりの扉と 終わりの扉の狭間で

hajimari no tobira to owari no tobira no hazama de
hikareau "E" [ERU] to "A" [ABISU] -- aizou no shouzou

In the space between the door of beginnings and the door of endings
"E" [El] and "A" [Abyss] draw each other closer -- the portrait of love and hate

禁断に手を染め 幾度も恋に堕ちてゆく

kindan ni te o some ikudomo koi ni ochite yuku
motomeau "E" [EVA] to "A" [ADAMU] -- aizou no shouzou

Hands stained with sin, they fall in love many times [2]
"E" [Eve] and "A" [Adam] search for each other -- the portrait of love and hate

やがて少年は♂の為に自らを殺し 少女は♀の為に自らを殺す
時の荒野を彷徨う罪人達は 其処にどんな楽園を築くのだろうか?

yagate shounen wa ♂ [otoko] no tame ni mizukara o koroshi shoujo wa ♀ [onna] no tame ni mizukara o korosu
toki no kouya o houkou tsumibito-tachi wa soko ni donna rakuen o kizuku no darou ka?

Soon the boy will kill himself because he is a man, and the girl will kill herself because she is a woman [3]
What kind of Paradise are they building, these sinners wandering through the wilderness of time?

――幾度となく『E』が魅せる幻影 それは失ったはずの『E』の面影
嗚呼...その美しき不毛の世界は 幾つの幻想を疾らせてゆくのだろう――

-- ikudotonaku "E" [ERYUSHION] ga miserareru gen'ei sore wa ushinatta hazu no "E" [EDEN] no omokage
aa... sono utsukushiki fumou no sekai wa ikutsu no gensou o hashirasete yuku no darou

-- The vision that Elysion shows many times is the form of an Eden which should have been lost
Ah... that beautiful, barren land sends forth countless illusions

[1] Anyone who cares enough to pay attention may notice that I've switched from "Elle" to "El" for the romanization of this character's name. Previously I was trying for a romanization that would make it an actual name, but I'd failed to realize that (a) "El" was the official romanization as per the PV for ERU no Rakuen [side:A], and (b) that it was actually a nickname. I've romanized her full name as "Elyse" rather than "Elise" to strengthen the reference to Elysion (and because I have seen the name spelled that way), though for all I know there might be an official spelling for that too. Haven't found one though.

[2] I don't know what to do with 禁断に here. I mean, I think I know what it means, but I can't seem to render it in English.

[3] Not sure about this line.
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