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this is the haunting spot for all the folks who lost their forum at animelyrics.tv
So we lost our other forum so why not come here.

This community is moderated by Subaru (Kashibako). Same rules apply as before. Post coherently and thoughtfully. No monkey business. I have decided to approve all the members of the community.

If I do not recognize your username from your SN at AL I may write you an email. Feel free to write me one too. Generally speaking I'll approve everyone, but it's nice for me to see who is showing up. If I have no idea who you are, chances you won't get in, so please plan accordingly.

EDIT: Fine. Since people don't seem to be getting the whole "email me if you want to join the community thing" here's what you do. Post in THIS topic


and let me know who you are/were. Thanks.
Or message me. Whatever works for ya. :)

I may add a few other moderators as I see fit later on. Also if anyone has any interesting icons for the community you can email them to me.

Thanks and hopefully this will work out for the best


*lyrics requests are allowed, but please do not request more than one lyric at a time. When posting a request please put [LYRICS REQUEST] in your post topic. If you can, provide a link to Japanese lyrics. Requests that are not their own separate topics will be deleted.

*If you're posting lyrics for correction please put [LYRICS DISCUSSION] in capital letters at the top of your post. LJ cut the lyrics for convenience sake.

*Please refrain from writing in Japanese without translating. Although some of us learn best by experience, generally speaking this is not a place for random Japanese conversation especially in topics that are not Japanese related.

*to that end please feel free to post [JAPANESE QUESTION] topics with the appropriate heading. It's fine to let these topics devolve into Japanese discussion if need be.